Policing the Black Community 101! Interview with Captain Dennis Muhammad

Police Killings of Citizens!

Riots! Looting! Uprisings!

It is chaos and mayhem in the Streets of America.

Many years of warning has come to the federal government and states from The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Now, America is lost and cannot get her way out of chaos. What to do? We will interview Captain Emeritus Dennis Muhammad of the East Coast Region of The Nation of Islam. Captain Dennis has spent many years teaching and training police departments on how to properly police the Black Community…he will give a history and advice to anyone who is willing to listen during this time of trouble. Also, Captain Dennis will discuss the urgent need to have citizens to police themselves..how can it be done? Tune in to find out.. Support the Peacekeepers initiative @ https://thepeacekeepers.org

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H.R.6666 and You! The Beast Revealed!!! Immunotherapy and Solutions for your Health Concerns…

Recently, House Resolution 6667 was presented which will allow tracking of your whereabouts and your vaccination history will become mandatory. Since the “Healthypeople2020” agenda is not working to the degree that the government wishes then this new law will force you to be vaccinated and quarantined..
Also, health solutions for the most common health challenges affecting the People of Color, in particular, Women of Color.

Join us as we interview Dr. Patrice Muhammad and CEO, EA AHAD Muhammad of Natures-V.

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Does Obedience to God ELIMINATE the Need for Vaccinations?

Back again…for another excellent class on Biomedical Science. The subject this night is about the lack of necessity in vaccinations as a form of immune system development. Bro. Victer has given mich in the way of Biomedical Research over the past few months, he will continue to give light on the illusive subject of Vaccines and immunotherapy. SUPPORT Natures-v.com Support the show @ www.bromichaelmuhammad.com

Message to the Black Pastor in a time of WAR! Are you MURDERING Black people?

Join us as we interview Minister Dr. Ahmad Yah-Yahkim (Dr. Neal Jackson). We will have an informative and lively discussion surrounding the traditional Christian Doctrine and how it aids in the acceptance of the murder of Black People in the world today.
There are many Churches that contribute to the liberation of the Black community but then there are many that seek to put the Black mind to sleep in order to make them more “Acceptable ” to White Supremacists.
Are some of these pastors “accessories” to the murder of the Black Mind? Let us discuss this in detail….

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