Separation!…It’s time: Interview with Dr. Ava Muhammmad

COVID-19, Financial Collapse, Forest Fires, Floods, Tornados, Pestilence…..Someone is trying to tell us something!

Join us on May 17th as we interview the National Spokesperson for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Dr.Ava Muhammad.
Since 2018, she has hosted 20 major Town Hall Meetings across America: The Black Man and Woman MUST Consider Separation. Tune in as we further explore the necessity of “Separation” from the unjust and now, broken, system of Western Hegemony.
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Frustration! Boiling Point-Reached! The Cold Blooded MURDER of Ahmaud Arbery!

Modern lynchings are a normal action North America. The children of slave masters and those who hate anything that is Not white are up to their old tricks.. Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black man was murdered in broad daylight, it was video taped…NO JUSTICE.. It has taken 2 months for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to get involved… Tune in as we interview Student Group Coordinator Ofis Muhammad of the Brunswick, Georgia Study Group of the Nation of Islam, under the guidance of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Odis Muhammad… No Justice, no peace! Know Justice, know peace Support the show @

Betrayed! Part 2.. America’s Broken Immigration System..Behind the scenes TRUTH

Black by popular demand! The story of Bro. Stanley Muhammad and Sister Ruth Muhammad has captured the hearts of many people. The injustice committed to this wonderful family by the hands of the Department of Homeland security is a mockery of what is means to be FREE. Listen to the testimony,again, of the strength and faith of Sister Ruth and Bro. Stanley.

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Covid-19 Resource Hub

Covid-19 Resource Hub

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Genetic Warfare and Race….What we need to know…

Imagine a world wherein scientists can isolate your DNA type and create viruses, bacteria and germs to attack your genetic traits. Think this is science fiction? NO…it’s science reality…
Back again for another great science lesson is Brother Victer Muhammad, Victer Muhammad Animal & Agricultural research scientist. Bro Victer will discuss what his experience in the area of DNA based germ and viral warfare in the United States….
Tune in…

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Moments in the Mind of a Minister

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Betrayed! Proof of America’s Broken immigration Policy..

Imagine that you leave your home never to return due to a paperwork mishap. Imagine visiting a foreign country only to become stuck there for months. Imagine your government ignores you because of a broken foreign policy.
If you consider this reality then you have the story of Student Minister Stanley Muhammad and Sister Ruth Muhammad.

Tune in to hear the truth..

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Moments in the Mind of a Minister by Victer Muhammad

Moments in the Mind of a Minister by Victer Muhammad

“Brother Victer Muhammad’s spiritual odyssey has opened the path into his own personal Eden. These intensely personal investigations, perceptions, and reminiscences will inform, inspire, perhaps even transform and lead those of us who are of open heart and mind into our own personal Eden. The place where righteousness prevails.”

Audio, Video & Presentations by Bro. Stanley Muhammad

Audio, Video & Presentations by Bro. Stanley Muhammad

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