In all you do, believe in your dreams and follow your passion. As a child I loved to sew. I would use my mother’s hand sewing machine to make tops. At 13 I began to create my own designs which caught the attention of my friends, and they began placing their orders. It was fun, in addition I made money, N2.00 (two naira) per top to be precise, which was less than a dollar.
After graduating from college I wanted more than just a 9 to 5 office job. I soon realized that was not for me, so I decided to open up my own Fashion Designing business. With little knowledge of professional sewing I hired a tailor and worked as his apprentice. In 9 months I had five other tailors, and four apprentices. Since then I have designed thousands of beautiful outfits locally and internationally. This is a passion turned career, and I have enjoyed every bit of the 24 years journey in the business as a professional.