Brother Nuri Muhammad, Student Minister of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, serves out of the Indianapolis Indiana, Mosque #74 Complex. The state of the art facility houses the Mosque, Muhammad University of Islam K-6 school, Bismillah Childcare & Learning Academy, Eat To Live Café and Studio 74, Barber and Beauty Salon.
In addition to spearhead the educational and economic center in Indianapolis. Brother Nuri travels to 40-50 cities a year in the United States and abroad, representing the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan’s solutions to Crime, Education, Relationships, Finance and more.
He inspires and mobilizes in high schools, colleges, prisons, churches, mosques, and community centers with a special focus on unlocking the genius in youth. Brother Nuri is known for what many call, a “User Friendly” way of teaching God, Politics, Health, Wealth and Liberation Theology.