Kristina Davis is inaccurate in her journalism, reporting, and rationale. Perpetuating lies and deceit is not good for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

by Michael Muhammad 06/01/2019, 7am

                       Holy Quran Surah 104:1-4(Mualana Muhammad Ali translation)

1. Woe to every slanderer, defamer!

     2. Who amasses wealth and counts it-

             3. he thinks his wealth will make him abide.

                                   4. Nay, he will certainly be hurled into the crushing disaster;

  On May 26,2019 The San Diego Union-Tribune published a slanderous and defamatory article that was an inaccurate and deceptive depiction of the “Black Nationalist” movement, in particular the Nation of Islam. Journalist Kristina Davis has a great back ground in reporting,  consisting  of studies at Arizona State University, achieving a degree in Journalism ( She further embarked upon the empathetic process of criminal justice by involving herself Journalism about crime  in San Diego. However, true journalism entails the creation of a thesis, to be proven or disproven, as basis for reporting. Next, one must determine the “sources” to be used as accurate with “objective and unbiased’ reporting on any subject. As is a colloquial saying, “just the facts, please”. Next process, one must create a viable report to be published for the consumption of the public, properly vetting the sources for accuracy and validity. Lastly, you must present your findings as “fact” and not tainted by bias by compromised sources. This process is known, in the world of academia, as “journalism”.

   The title of the article,  “Which Hate Groups are Operating in San Diego?”, under the sub section of “News” and “Public Safety” on the San Diego Union-Tribune website dated 5/26/2019. The preface of the article  is to propagate the “so-called” findings of the, notoriously hateful and bigoted Israeli Lobbyist and Division of AIPAC known as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti Defamation League.  The SPLC and the ADL have “advised” governmental agencies across America as to potential threats based on the bias of Zionist Israeli, Ashkenazi or Sephardic Jewish centered ideology and agendas. They have not been unbiased or uncompromising to combating hate and public threats. Mainly focusing on the threats tpo their influence and political power. The SPLC as well as the ADL have utilized their influence some of the most hateful and bigoted manner using intimidation and subversive tactics to neutralize any potential contender to their influence over America. manipulating such departments as the Department of Homeland Security, the IRS, the Congressional oversight Committees as well as local police to further secure their agendas as a world dominant power. Your source , Matt Wagner is a perfect example of this intermixed power and influence over American Foreign Policy as well as policing in America. Here is a brief snippet of Mr. Wagner’s credentials taken from the San Diego ADL website, welcoming Matt Wagner to the city:

                                 San Diego ADL statement on Matt Wagner

” Matt comes to ADL from a career in federal law enforcement and diplomacy, having served as a Special Agent with the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service. He served tours in New York, NY; Algiers, Algeria; Paris, France; and on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in San Francisco, with shorter missions in over a dozen U.S. states and more than 20 countries…” (

Having someone of these serious credentials as an associate director to a public department (Law Enforcement) on behalf of an Israeli Lobbyist group with exclusive dedication to pro Jewish Policies is at best,  conflicting and disturbing to present any type of “unbiased” opinion or classification. The SPLC has been, and continues to be, a force bent on intimidating Black leadership that does not conform to its desires, using the IRS, FBI and governmental other agencies as their own law enforcement. essentially, making the United States government an exclusive extension of Israel itself.  Matt Wagner’s presence with the SPLC proves this very point. The SPLC in its current state is not an honest broker for the pain of anyone except the Jewish People.

   Shockingly, it was the first president and lifelong Board member of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Julian Bond , who spoke with and had a peaceful relationship with the Leader of the Nation of Islam, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Below is an excerpt from an exclusive interview  with Muhammad Speaks in 1971, commenced by correspondent Bob Dale. This was the same year that Julian Bond became the first president of the Southern Poverty Law Center:

                                   Muhammad Speaks in 1971

“Bob Dale: What do you think of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad?

Bond: I have a great deal of respect and have met and have been in Mr. Muhammad’s house. I was very fortunate and honored to have had a meal with him in 1968. He, like me, is from Georgia you know. I don’t know if that means that we “Georgia boys” like to stick together. (It’s okay for us to call ourselves boys.) But I have a great deal of respect for him particularly for the kind of discipline he imposes and the Muslims accept. I think that is what we need. Things like this (cigarettes) you know – drinking and running around at night – are things we need to try to eliminate if we can. It takes more people to do it.

Bob Dale: In what ways do you think Black people have changed their views of Mr. Muhammad in the last 10 or 12 years?

Bond: Well I think there was a time say ten years ago which is when I first began to hear about the Nation of Islam, it was thought of as a strange group of people, a weird group of people and you didn’t want to have anything to do with them. You could see them sell papers, The Pittsburgh Courier at that time, because they used to carry Mr. Muhammad’s column. And then after that, the Los Angeles Herald Dispatch, I guess it was. And you say, you know, “There is something wrong with them. They’re not Christians: they don’t even believe in Christianity.”

But I think over the years the Black people have come to have respect for Mr. Muhammad. Partly because we have had more respect for ourselves as a people and partly I think it is because we have had more exposure to Mr. Muhammad’s philosophy. We just found out more about it ourselves than having to be told about it by other people.” (

   These are not the words of the Nation of Islam but the words of the very first president of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s founding president and life Long Board member, until his passing  in 2015. What happened to the relationship between the Southern Poverty Law Center’s founding, which was to defend the voiceless and give aid to those disenfranchised by a racist and xenophobic system? As you can see the SPLC stated that the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad were respectful and good for Black people to become productive citizens of America and ultimately, productive citizens of the world. What happened to this critical observation by such a prestigious institution in 1971? It is hypocritical of the SPLC to state anything other than the truth about the Nation of Islam as a tool of hope, security and inspiration.

  During the 60s, and until the time of this writing,  the FBI and the CIA have also done an extensive and thorough analysis of The Nation of Islam and every Black Nationalist Movement in America (FBI SAC letter, # 55-43). The very explanation of our teaching as a “subversive cult” was predicated on the fear of a “Black Overthrow” of the United States Government . This fantasy of paranoia is from a self analysis of one’s own cognitive thinking. It is the United States Government who has fostered the overthrow of every black and indigenous governmental head that does not capitulate to its will. The Nation of Islam does not possess the desire nor the history of such a threat to the United States of America. Including more recently Iran and Venezuela America has subverted Libya, Iraq, Central Congo, and by its own admission, every Black organization ever created in America including the Nation of Islam.  There has never been a plan or desire of any member of the nation of Islam, in good standing, to kill or harm anyone who has not attacked us in the origin of any conflict.  The Nation of Islam prohibits carnal weapons. The truth is our weapon of choice. The basis of the teachings of the Nation of Islam is “Self Improvement”, as accurately illustrated by the founding president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Julian Bond, in 1971. There has never been any terroristic attack against anyone by an active member of the Nation of Islam. Instead , the Nation of Islam continues to the recipient of the financial sanction of the intimidation of such groups as the SPLC, the ADL and B’nai Brith.

    Amazingly enough, scholars such as University of Windsor Professor Martha F. Lee, who is white, contributed to a book titled “Violence and New Religious Movements” as edited by James R. Lewis. Her findings about the Nation of Islam are as such:

 “In many ways then, the Nation of Islam provides a case study and how a religious movement with a radical belief system did not engage in violence related to its doctrine. ” Professor Martha f. Lee, University of Windsor.

 The above quote further proves that the thought of violence is contained within the individual who translates dislike or “Hatred” as equaling “violence“. This psychological coping mechanism has been the thought of many of the Israeli Lobbyists and White Supremacists alike, not the Nation of Islam under the Guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Instead violence and TRUE hate is raging supreme in America.  In 2018 there was a meeting between ethnic groups and various religious organizations in America who have witnessed an urgent need for the FBI to take measures to protect the citizens from a very real an existential threat of White Nationalists.  In a  letter dated March 19, 2018 to the Director of the FBI, at that time, by many American ethnic groups requesting a meeting to deal with this terroristic violence in America.

March 18, 2018

The Honorable Christopher Wray

Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20535

“Dear Director Wray,

      We, the undersigned national civil rights and faith-based leaders, write to express

our deep concern regarding recent attacks against our houses of worship and communities.

We request an urgent meeting with you to discuss the role of the Federal Bureau of

Investigation (FBI) in addressing the threat to public safety and our communities by white

nationalist violence.

   Attacks against houses of worship in the United States have been far too common in

recent years. For example, in 2012, white supremacist Wade Michael Page murdered six

and injured four, when he stormed a Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. In 2015,

Dylann Roof, who spewed deep racial hatred and espoused white nationalist ideals, entered

the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing nine individuals. In 2018,

Robert D. Bowers burst into the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and

shouted anti-Semitic slurs, killing 11 worshippers. This hate manifested itself again last

week in New Zealand, when Brenton Harrison Tarrant live streamed his attacks against

Masjid al-Noor and the Linwood Mosque in Christchurch where he murdered over 50

people and injured many more. Tarrant too, was a virulent white nationalist, and even

cited Roof as an inspiration in his manifesto.

       Last year, the FBI reported a 17% increase in hate crimes overall since 2016,

marking an increase for the third consecutive year in a row. Given the enormous threat of

hate violence to our communities and our nation, we request that you meet with us along

with our partners in the civil rights and faith communities to discuss the FBI’s role in

Please contact Muslim Advocates deputy director Naheed Qureshi at 202-897-2622

protecting houses of worship, our communities, and all Americans.

or to discuss details for scheduling this meeting.”

As you can see, the Nation of Islam poses no threat to anyone other than those individuals who benefit from the psychological war imposed upon the Citizens of America. The Nation of Islam has been the true defenders of those who have no voice. While I can appreciate the aim of the SPLC and the ADL to protect the Jewish people from any potential existential threat , we will tolerate, without defense, the frivolous lies and deception put forth in the name of watching out for hate groups. The Nation of Islam representatives; both Student Minister Hugh Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque # 8 and the National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, have put forth numerous requests for a public debate wherein the B’Nai Brith, ADL, and the SPLC to substantiate their decades old claims that the Nation of Islam is anti-Semitic, anti-LGBT, ant-American, etc…None of the leaders of the SPLC, ADL, or the B’nai Brith have accepted this honest discourse as they predicate submission to their desires and will before they will discuss anything. This is a manipulative tactic designed to give the aura of superiority over the Nation of Islam. They are apparently afraid to face the truth.

 This challenge was put forth publicly during the anniversary of the Million Man March, October, 2018 by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Instead of concerning the public with the Nation of Islam the SPLC needs to be concerned with the white Nationalists who continue to terrorize everyone in America. Today, we are mourning the death of yet another senseless mass shooting on behalf of another citizen in the city of Virginia Beach. None of these attacks have ever been committed by a member of the Nation of Islam.

Kristina Davis, I urge you to retract your article and denounce the SPLC as well as the ADL as your main source of information concerning the subject of Hate as they have been, and continue to be, the very one’s guilty of such accusations.  If you are honest then ask Matt Wagner to have his superiors finally accept the debate challenge of forever silence themselves about the Nation of Islam.