10000 Fearless-Ramadan Donations!

10000 Fearless-Ramadan Donations!


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Moments in the Mind of a Minister by Victer Muhammad

Moments in the Mind of a Minister by Victer Muhammad

“Brother Victer Muhammad’s spiritual odyssey has opened the path into his own personal Eden. These intensely personal investigations, perceptions, and reminiscences will inform, inspire, perhaps even transform and lead those of us who are of open heart and mind into our own personal Eden. The place where righteousness prevails.”

The Trial of N.O.I Security at Congress 1995


HUD Contracts and the Nation of Islam

Committee members heard testimony on HUD security contracts and the Nation of Islam’s role in public housing. The panel is investigating whether the Nation of Islam is violating federal laws against discrimination and against members recruiting for the Nation of Islam while on patrol. Security programs operated by the Nation of Islam have been credited with reducing crime rates in some of the nations worst public housing projects.

Food Crisis Survival Radio Show with Dr. Ridgely

Staple Goods Program discussion

Dr. Ridgely Mu’min of Muhammad Farms has been a dedicated soldier in the fight against GMO food and helping us all with food survival. Dr. Ridgely has conducted the most prolific and effective method by which to distribute “Staple Goods” to the original man and woman over the last 20 years. Listen to the discussion about the origin of Staple goods and how you can participate NOW! Ordering starts on 3/29/20 …go to www.muhammadfarms.com Tune in @7pm-9pm est on 3/29/20