Betrayed! Proof of America’s Broken immigration Policy..

Imagine that you leave your home never to return due to a paperwork mishap. Imagine visiting a foreign country only to become stuck there for months. Imagine your government ignores you because of a broken foreign policy.
If you consider this reality then you have the story of Student Minister Stanley Muhammad and Sister Ruth Muhammad.

Tune in to hear the truth..

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Moments in the Mind of a Minister by Victer Muhammad

Moments in the Mind of a Minister by Victer Muhammad

“Brother Victer Muhammad’s spiritual odyssey has opened the path into his own personal Eden. These intensely personal investigations, perceptions, and reminiscences will inform, inspire, perhaps even transform and lead those of us who are of open heart and mind into our own personal Eden. The place where righteousness prevails.”

Pandemic! Advice to the Black Parent…Interview with Dr. Umar Johnson

Pandemic! Shelter in place, Quarantine, Stay at home…whatever it may be called the world is not the same for the entire planet. Black and indigenous parents are affected greatly during this time. Depression, anger, rage, home schooling, day care, child rearing in general. What do you do as a parent? Dr. Umar Johnson has taught around the world and has been consistently assisting Black parents to have a better outcome for their child as they grow. Dr. Umar will grace our airwaves to offer his experience and knowledge for Black parents during this stressful time.

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GMO! Facts, No Myths. It’s not as Simple as You Think!

Over the last 50 years much has been said about Genetically Modified Organisms. Scientists realize the necessity of altering genomes of some animal and plant species for the purpose of assisting nature to progressing in an affirmative manner. People who are not of the scientific community often do not trust the Science of GMOs.
Back again, for another controversial but necessary dialogue, is Biomedical Research Scientist, Victer Muhammad. Bro Victer has done much over the decades to make scientific sense of the subject of “GMOs”. Tune in to gain a better understanding with this MOST important subject…

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