Policing the Black Community 101! Interview with Captain Dennis Muhammad

Police Killings of Citizens!

Riots! Looting! Uprisings!

It is chaos and mayhem in the Streets of America.

Many years of warning has come to the federal government and states from The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Now, America is lost and cannot get her way out of chaos. What to do? We will interview Captain Emeritus Dennis Muhammad of the East Coast Region of The Nation of Islam. Captain Dennis has spent many years teaching and training police departments on how to properly police the Black Community…he will give a history and advice to anyone who is willing to listen during this time of trouble. Also, Captain Dennis will discuss the urgent need to have citizens to police themselves..how can it be done? Tune in to find out.. Support the Peacekeepers initiative @ https://thepeacekeepers.org

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The Trial of N.O.I Security at Congress 1995


HUD Contracts and the Nation of Islam

Committee members heard testimony on HUD security contracts and the Nation of Islam’s role in public housing. The panel is investigating whether the Nation of Islam is violating federal laws against discrimination and against members recruiting for the Nation of Islam while on patrol. Security programs operated by the Nation of Islam have been credited with reducing crime rates in some of the nations worst public housing projects.

The Black Facts Site

The Black Facts Site


BlackFacts.com endeavors to become the premiere online repository of black culture both nationally and internationally.

We do not just aggregate content, we index, catalog and cross reference our content using machine learning to link related content and enrich our visitors experience. And while we do use some third party tools and APIs, the core of our technology is conceived, architected and programmed by us, using our over half-century of professional I/T experience visioning, building and deploying technologies.

At our heart, the founders are nerds and we want to showcase the fact that there are Black technologists out here building and creating real solutions.

The BlackFacts.com platform provides an opportunity to showcase these skills while providing a resource by, for and about people of color with the following 3 Tenets as our mission:

  •  INFORM: We want to become the virtual Black Wikipedia – aggregating verified content from around the globe and building original content related to our culture. To achieve this, we need to inform our audience that we are here as a resource and to use our platform to provide knowledge about our history and culture and guide them to other resources and repositories that they never knew even existed.
  •  ENGAGE: It is not enough for Blackfacts.com to be an archive or repository of information for the reference of our visitors. We want our visitors to become Contributors! We are celebrating our culture, our black pioneers, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and achievements. We need others to provide content we may not even know about – to submit their own facts in any category: Whether it be Grandma’s recipe for Mac and Cheese, highlights from their Fraternity/Sorority Step show, or some new award or achievement by a black professional or some scholarship or grant we did not know existed. At the end of the day, BlackFacts.com has content ABOUT US that is delivered BY US. We have the backend infrastructure to validate, manage and approve crowd-sourced content. We are engaging students to submit videos of their “Black Fact of the Day” moments. Blackfacts.com is an educational tool as well as a collaboration platform, and the more engaged our audience is, the better.
  •  INSPIRE: Finally, Blackfacts.com will inspire people of color across the globe, as well as friends from any culture, to strive for more ambitious goals, by showing them that we have Black Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Scientists, Technologists and others in droves! When you see how many others have done it, it becomes far easier to believe it is possible for you! We invite HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to not only showcase their educators/professors, but also to introduce new programs that they are offering and highlight their best and brightest so that we can highlight them on the site. We want to put a focus on Black Businesses with our recommended readings and recommended products and services – to inspire our people to purchase products and services and book from our OWN people. We want to leverage our technology platform to make tools available to other Minority Associations who often cannot afford quality technology solutions and get left behind simply because they do not have the in-house expertise to leverage technology to grow their business. And we want people to come up with New Ideas and New Ways of thinking and New suggestions that we will do our best to highlight and/or implement into the platform, or provide technical assistance to our visitors in implementing their own dreams.

Black Unity! More Powerful than an Atom Bomb! Interview with chairman Nzinga

As Salaam Alaikum! and Black Power! Black Unity is essential for the success of the race. Many have fought the idea and the execution of Black unity. The New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam have been 2 groups that have worked together for many decades. Chairman Nzinga will discuss the upcoming tribute to Dr. Khalid. We will also discuss the unity of Black institutions and how this will work in 2019.

Black and Missing In America! Where are our People? Interview with Natalie Wilson

On Friday 2/15/19 @ 8pm-10pm est we interviewed Natalie Wilson Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer Black & Missing Foundation, Inc.. Natalie has information to share about current missing cases as well the foundation’s research into causes for being “Black and Missing in America”. Support Terrance Woods @ https://www.gofundme.com/find-my-miss… Visit and support our guest @ http://www.blackandmissinginc.com/cdad/