For thousands of years the Asiatic lands have possessed the sweet nectar of the planet itself. The land known as Africa, India and the Arabic lands have some of the oldest known plants and essences. In the Torah, The Gospel and the Holy Quran; there are many mentions of the uses of the essential oils.

Some of the historical uses were to eat with, to heal wounds, to uplift the spirit and to purify the surrounding atmosphere. The essential oil process is complex and simple at the same time. Basically, flower petals, nectar, tree bark, tree sap and extracts from herbs are used to blend some of the world’s best known fragrances. Master perfumers blend these oils to make a base and then add chemicals such as isobutene, isopropyl alcohol and other harmful things to make the essential oil expand into what is known as a perfume or cologne.

Here at the M6X brand, we remove the madness and the poisons from the process and bring nothing but the purest essential fragrances found from around the planet! Our fragrances are directly sourced from East Africa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Tunisia, Egypt, China, Nepal and India. After nearly 30 years of fragrance sales and selection, you now can receive the highest quality oils on the planet directly to your home!

Take advantage of the 30 years of knowledge , wisdom and understanding of the Fragrance world. We ONLY select the finest quality found on the planet. Below is a list of the essential oils that we carry. There are some attars and aphrodisiacs available. But, you must call for pricing and availability of those oils.

Rare means that there is limited quantity as these are hard to find oils. Some are imported and created exclusive by M6X.


• Original Kush (strong)
• Blue Nile (original dark blue)
• Egyptian Musk #1 (best quality)
• African Musk (clear)
• Golden Sands (superior and rare)
• African Musk (green)
• Oriental Amber
• Fajr Musk (rare)
• Eastern Sandalwood (rare)
• Arabian Sandalwood
• Black Sandalwood (rare)
• Tunisian frankincense (rare)
• Tunisian Sandalwood (rare)
• Jamaican fruits
• African peach (sweet)
• China Musk (original yellow)
• Red Egyptian Musk (rare)
• Peaches And Cream
• Sweet Indian Sandalwood
• Oriental Sweet Musk
• Coco Mango
• Majmua (rare attar)
• Tropical Musk (rare from egypt)
• Frankincense and Myrrh
• Black Coconut
• Tunisian White Musk (rare)
• Warm Vanilla Sugar
• Cucumber Melon
• Brown Egyptian Musk (rare)
• Mango Blue (sweet)
• Blue Egyptian Musk
• West Indies Musk (rare)
• Honeysuckle
• Raspberry Love
Designer (M6X approved)
• Pink Sugar (women)
• Baby Phat Goddess (women)
• Versace Red Jeans (women)
• Jean Paul Gaultier (unisex)
• Cotton Candy (rare)
• Pearberry (women)
• Mademoiselle (women)
• Heat (women)
• Pleasures (men)
• Pleasures (women)
• Nautica (men)
• Happy (men)
• Chance by Chanel (women)
• Michelle Obama (rare)
M6X Exclusive oils!
• Purple Rain (unisex)
• Strawberry Love
• Strawberry Champagne (wow!)
• Island Spice Musk (men)
• Watermelon Love
• Island Love (women)
• 7 Thousand Flowers (women)
• Plum Pie (women)
• Michael Sharrieff ( unisex)
• Al Nisa (women and very rare)
• Red Miyake (unisex)
• Jabril Sharrieff (men)
• Temptation Musk (unisex and rare)