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This book is the product of over 20 years of deep meditation and in-depth research as well as scriptural study. It is the answer to the many questions that have arisen throughout the Black community. Many institutions have mocked the Black Queen and the Black King for the lack of Knowledge of self. These required knowledge basics are the Knowledge of Business, Warfare, Mating, Mathematics, Science, Social and Cultural History, as well as the basics of what makes a Family. Knowledge of self-includes knowledge of our history of the Black world from 76 trillion years ago until just before the enslavement process in 1555. The knowledge of the accomplishments during slavery and knowledge of the power of the God within self is also important to proper self-esteem. It is in that spirit that I present the “Apologia” to this book.


This book will expose aspects of our modern society that need to be brought into the light that have been hidden for some time. When criticism is noticed by certain groups, it is often mistaken as hate. There are three groups throughout history that have been deathly strong against any reprimands or critique of its agendas. This book will challenge some of the thinking of The European Jewish establishment, the Gay/Lesbian groups and the Black Woman of North America. Those groups are the European Jew, which currently occupies the land formally known as Palestine. The Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Community; and the last and most elusive, is the Black Woman of North America.
Each of these groups has suffered great loss; hence, they are very sensitive to any critique. To them, it can be viewed as the same old hate from the past. The Black Woman of North America has suffered much throughout their captivity and suffrage. This suffering has given rise to the attitude amongst Black Women that “None can criticize me or say anything that I don’t like about me” attitude. Psychologists call this wall of thinking by many names.